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In collaboration with ANFFAS Milan, a group of parents active in the autism area formed an association, with the aim of providing information and promoting public awareness.

The association's primary objective was to promote services and structures for individuals with autism appropriate to all age groups.

Contacts were established with health and other professionals (psychologists, psychiatrists, neuropsychiatrists, educators) with an up-to-date outlook on autism in line with parental requirements, i.e.:

Autism viewed as a mental disability and education viewed as a primary resource to treat it

It was however necessary to involve public bodies in order to achieve a change within existing structures, in which autistic children did not find sufficient space for the treatment of their disability or, if they were receiving treatment, this was inadequate in relation to their psychological needs.

Relations were therefore established with the regional administration in Lombardy, the municipality of Milan and the local education authority (Provveditorato agli Studi) in Milan

Some parents also approached the Lombardy Region's Health Minister to highlight the needs of families with autistic individuals and the serious deficiencies at all levels of the health services in relation to this disability.

As a result, the Regional Government approved the setting up of a  Technical and Scientific Working Group on Autism

Comprising four representatives of parents.

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Project Autistic Syndrome was conceived and delineated. The group's deliberations were observed by the parent representatives who were invited to voice their opinions.

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The Regional Government approved Project Autistic Syndrome.

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The Group lobbied the authorities about the Project, obtaining two deliberations by the Regional Government favourable to the creation of

  • A regional monitoring agency on autism (Osservatorio regionale sull'autismo), collaborating with Azienda USSL No. 8 di Merate and assisted by a technical regional committee for the supervision of the monitoring agency.

  • A consultative Committee for accurate information on the problems of autism. The Committee included those parents who had earlier participated in the work of the technical and scientific working group.

The Committee's brief was to create an experimental initiative, Project Autistic Syndrome,
during the following two years.

The Regional Institute for Professional Training, IREF, offered a theoretical and practical course on autism with the cooperation of ANFFAS from June to September.

Also in September, 1996 ANGSA held an international seminar for parents and teachers, The Schooling of Children with Autism

At the Fondazione Pro Iuventute Don C. Gnocchi in Milan

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An international seminar on Educational Strategies for Autism was held in May in cooperation with the Municipality of Cinisello Balsamo.

An international conference on Autism As a Specific Disability was held in December at the University of Milan, on the occasion of European Handicap Week.

The Consultative Committee for accurate information on the problems of autism completed its deliberations.

The Monitoring Agency (Osservatorio) collected data on services available in Lombardy and publishes its findings. It also commenced publication of a Bulletin containing interviews or reports by parents affiliated to ANGSA – Lombardia.

ANGSA – Lombardia joined Autism Europe.

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In April, ANGSA-Lombardia held a course on Communication strategies of the autistic child designed for teachers and principals in nursery, primary and high schools.

A practical course on Educational strategies under the TEACCH programme was subsequently held in Prato in May, in cooperation with the local Opera S. Rita

The Milan municipality launched an experimental initiative for autistic adolescents and adults in collaboration with ANGSA-LOMBARDIA.

Within GLIP's Special Projects committee, an Autism Group (Gruppo Autismo) was established in collaboration with the Milan local education authority. It consists of

  • a consortium of schools

  • one representative from an ASL (local health unit)

  • one official from the local education authority's Research and Planning Department

  • one ANGSA representative.

With a view to

  • planning refresher courses for teachers

  • launching specialized experimental support classes for autistic children in the compulsory school system

This experiment was taking place in two schools, one in Milan and one in Cinisello Balsamo.

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In partnership with other European organizations (French, Irish, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish and Belgian) and with the approval of the Ministry of Employment, ANGSA-Lombardia joined Project Horizon, a scheme designed to create employment opportunities within the European Union's employment strategies, under the heading of Autism Novofocus Italy.

This scheme was then extended into the following year.

In June, ANGSA-Lombardia took part in a international seminar, How to train autistic persons for the workplace - The European and Lombard Experience

Exchange visits took place, within Project Echan, between ANGSA and specialist rehabilitation centres in EU countries in partnership with other European organizations in Luxembourg, Belgium, Spain, Germany and France.

In July, ANGSA-Lombardia promoted a scheme for community accommodation for adolescents and adults with autism, which was presented to the Department for Family and Social issues by Cooperativa Spazio Aperto Servizi. The scheme was approved in the following August but was turned down by the national Government due to the lack of accommodation facilities.

With the collaboration of Opleidingscentrum in Antwerp, ANGSA-Lombardia promoted a practical course on autism in September at Sacra Famiglia in Cesano Boscone. The course was funded by Milan Province.

The regional Lombard Government agreed to ANGSA-Lombardia's request to extend Osservatorio Autismo for another year. The technical committee responsible for the monitoring and supervision of the scheme was reconfirmed. Representatives of parents were co-opted to the Committee.

In October, ANGSA-Lombardia held a seminar entitled The Autistic Syndrome at La Nostra Famiglia in Bosisio Parini, in collaboration with Istituto E. Medea and the Lombardy Region's Osservatorio Autismo. This seminar was funded by Lecco Province and private donors.

ANGSA-Lombardia continued to experiment with structured education in schools. One member of the Executive Committee was delegated to attend meetings at the Provveditorato (Local Education Authority offices) as spokesperson for the Association.

Also in October, Milan's Provveditore agli Studi (Chief Local Education Officer) circularised all local schools to collect data on students with autism who were attending school.

With the collaboration of the Rotary Club, ANGSA-Lombardia approached the management of Ospedale S. Paolo. The first outcome was the establishment of a fast-track procedure for dental treatment available to young persons with autism.

The Hospital confirms its availability in relation to other initiatives flagged in the area of paediatrics and neuropsychiatry.

Following significant initiatives such as

  • the publication of a NINDS document on autism;

  • the award of a scholarship to a researcher at Istituto Besta in Milan;

the Rotary Club held an evening function in support of autism research on 8 November.

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Since the solution to the problems of autistic persons can only occur through the creation of a network of appropriate services, ANGSA Lombardia advocated the formulation of a Global Project as a first step, to be based on the determinations of a series of top-level meetings.

On 22 February, the representatives of ANGSA Lombardia met the Premier of Lombardy Region, the Hon. R. Formigoni, with a view to delineating the problems of autistic individuals and the need for a comprehensive approach to autism within the scope of Lombardy Region's Project Autistic Syndrome.

Furthermore, ANGSA Lombardia announced the submission of a global project on autism and the setting-up of a permanent committee on autism.

The Hon. Formigoni confirmed his availability and support required for the implementation of these requests.

On 25 February, a Course for Project Horizon executives took place.

On 23 March, the possibility of revitalizing Project Community Accommodation on an experimental basis was flagged at a meeting between Mr Colozzi and the Chief Executives for Health Services, Mr Botti, and for Social Initiatives, Mr De Ruvo.

Subsequently, at a meeting with Ms Pisapia (Health Services) and Ms Matucci (Social Issues), it was agreed that there was a need to create a Committee on Autism Issues, which would include representatives of parents. Also, it was decided to ask Osservatorio Autismo to give an account of its activities.

Thanks to the good offices of Fr Virginio Colmegna, chairperson of Caritas Ambrosiana, ANGSA Lombardia, which had hitherto operated without its own premises, was offered office space in Via Copernico 5 in Milan c/o Istituto S. Vincenzo, with an option to use other facilities nearby.

Within a few months, the office was equipped with a telephone, a fax machine and a computer. The computer was generously donated by the Rotary Club, Milan South-West, on the initiative of Mr Reale and Mr Bazzi on behalf of Rotary. These were the beginnings of a fruitful collaboration between the Association and Rotary.

The official opening took place on 13 April 2000

A group of parents, members of ANGSA Lombardia, began drafting a project for the establishment of a network of schools capable of providing teaching structured in accordance with established criteria.

In June, ANGSA Lombardia submitted to the regional government a project for community accommodation for autistic subjects, based on the principles of structured education. This was subsequently approved by the Regional administration, pending the allocation of funds by the Department of Social Issues.

A number of autism professionals met at the ANGSA office to prepare a scheme in relation to the use of leisure. There was an opportunity to obtain premises at Istituto S. Vincenzo for these activities.

On 15, 16 and 17 June ANGSA Lombardia held, at Ospedale A. Manzoni in Lecco, a theory-based course styled

TEACCH: a structured educational scheme for the integration of people with autism and communication difficulties

with the participation of Mr Theo Peeters and Ms Hilde Leclerq from Opleidingscentrum in Antwerp.

On 29 September a meeting was held with Mr Massari (the Milan Municipal Department of Social Services, Disability Section) to put forward a collaborative scheme among cooperatives and associations responsible for the planning of holidays and leisure time activities for children and adults with autism.

In October, a scheme was drafted for a network of schools for autistic children, comprising

  • ten schools in the city and province of Milan;

  • three schools in the Province of Lecco;

  • one in Bergamo.

This scheme obtained funding from the regional administration.

In the framework of ANGSA Lombardia's policy to involve the public administration, on 9 October its representatives met Mr Tambini and Mr Bolis (ministers for Family Issues and Social Solidarity) and subsequently forwarded to them a document outlining the priorities of parents of autistic subjects, and nominating individuals and departments for membership of the Committee on Autism.

On 21 October, “ANGSA Lombardia onlus” (a non-profit-making organization)  was formally established.

Its status was that of a non-incorporated association, and was granted autonomous status as member of the national “ANGSA - Associazione Nazionale Genitori Soggetti Autistici onlus”.

On 11 November an election took place for the current Executive Committee.

In November, ANGSA Lombardia submitted to the regional administration a draft of its Global Autism Project.

On 20 and 21 November, an international seminar within Project Horizon was held at the Centro Congressi della Provincia di Milano. The seminar was sponsored by ANGSA-Lombardia and organized by Coop. Cascina Bianca. It was attended by ANGSA Lombardia's European partners.

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At the invitation of Rotary International, ANGSA Lombardia joined the Joint Committee (Comitato Interassociativo) comprising representatives of other associations, the Rotary Club and Inner Wheel

with a view to implementing operational priorities in synergy.

Among our most pressing requests are:

  • a residential facility open on weekends and providing emergency services as well as leisure and holiday activities;

  • a support network for families ;

  • quality control of services under the supervision of Mr Theo Peeters;

  • strengthening the experimental centres in the Lombardy Region;

  • a School Network project;

  • co-ordination of health requirements over a whole lifetime (in cooperation with Ospedale S. Paolo);

  • a training course for health professionals;

  • a conference on experimental work to be held by various agencies and to include benchmarking;

  • a conference on therapeutic drugs and autism;

  • setting up Autism Units within the vocational training centres;

  • establishing a permanent Training Centre;

  • collaboration with Caritas Ambrosiana;

  • researching and creating employment opportunities for the integration of individuals with autism.

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A number of meetings took place, and several cooperation agreements were reached with representatives of public authorities, private individuals, associations etc. with the objective of achieving global coordinated continuous care programs and an integrated network of health, social and educational facilities.

In particular, we have been pursuing for many years the basic objective of establishing a close and coherent cooperation between services, institutions and families,  as well as a POLITICAL PROGRAM foreshadowing the setting-up of appropriate services for the various age groups and for each developmental level.

It is of the essence that people with autism, irrespective of age, not be denied the fundamental right to lead a full, rewarding life, according to individual skills.

Specifically, we advocated:

  • the training of teachers, operatives, parents, siblings and volunteers, through courses, conferences and focused meetings;

  • autism research, generally and also through the dissemination of information, conference participation and the activities of the Comitato Interassociativo Rotary;

  • official recognition of the Guidelines for the care of autistic patients;

  • the prosecution of the project ‘School Network for Autism’, involving 35 schools and 80 schoolchildren with autism;

  • the strengthening and expansion of the eight experimental autism centers, which host about 100 patients with autism and were created through a Lombardy Region experimental initiative, named ‘Autistic Syndrome Project’ (approved through Regional Statute V/64960 of 07.03.1995), by the ‘Technical and scientific working group on autistic syndrome’, in cooperation with ANGSA Lombardia;

  • the achievement of the residential Community Project ‘Sole e luna’, on the basis of an agreement protocol between the Fondazione Istituto Sacra Famiglia and ANGSA Lombardia;

  • the promotional activities of the Association, the awareness-raising and fund-raising work during Eco-Sundays, on Autism National Day and participation in Avon Running and Telethon;

  • collaboration with ANGSA Nazionale and other national and international associations.

Moreover, we

  • strengthened our Internet site, which has so far attracted about one hundred visitors per week, and is contributing to the dissemination of information on autism as well as  making the Association known throughout the world, with daily exchanges of correspondence;

  • mailed out Newsletters and other items of interest to Members who had forwarded their fax or e-mail addresses;

  • established an on-line home office providing home-based secretarial help to all those who wished to collaborate;

  • collaborated with Opera Diocesana Istituto S. Vincenzo which agreed to our request for larger office space  now and in the future.

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European Year of the Disabled

Our Association continued to pursue its primary objective of establishing an integrated network of health, social and educational services through

  • a POLITICAL PROGRAM involving the setting-up of appropriate facilities for the various age groups and for each developmental level;

  • a close, coherent cooperation between services, institutions and families;

  • coordinated continuous total care programs.

To this end, many further meetings and collaborative schemes were arranged with representatives of public and private agencies, associations etc.

Our Association joined the European awareness-raising campaign through an important conference on NEW PERSPECTIVES FOR AUTISM:  LOMBARDY REGION’S EXPERIMENTAL PROJECT ‘AUTISTIC SYNDROME’

On this occasion a book was published, AUTISMO: MODELLI APPLICATIVI NEI SERVIZI (Autism: the application of models in services), which concerns the implementation of a psycho-educational program through In-Service training  (Chapter 15: written by some representatives of ANGSA Lombardia).

We continued with our 2002 activities, in particular with the project RETE DI SCUOLE PER L’AUTISMO School Network for Autism).

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Pressure was kept up on the representatives of the public sector towards the implementation of the PROGETTO SINDROME AUTISTICA REGIONE LOMBARDIA (Lombardy Region’s Autistic Syndrome Project), which comprises several specific projects, some of which are already underway.  These activities took up a considerable amount of time in terms of the organization and participation in a cascade of meetings.

Experimental Centers for Autism (Poli Sperimentali per l’Autismo):

After the 4 June 2003 conference, NUOVE PROSPETTIVE PER L’AUTISMO (Fresh Perspectives on Autism), many meetings took place for the purpose of conducting further trials, involving other Centers which applied for membership of the POLI.

Concomitantly, the training of Health professionals continued after a number of preparatory and organizational meetings.  These activities concluded with a final meeting, on 13 May at the Fondazione Don Gnocchi, at which each Polo gave details of its experience, mainly on COMMUNICATION AND AUTISM.

‘Schools’ Project

  • a feasibility study with a view to a continuation of the Project, with the cooperation of specialist agencies and with the Ufficio del diritto allo studio (Office for the right to education)

  • organization of the 27 November meeting SCHOOL NETWORK FOR AUTISM: what next? – Comparing experiences

Sun and Moon Project  -  in Settimo Milanese:

I requested several meetings with the directors of the Fondazione Istituto S. Famiglia in Cesano Boscone; with officials from Lombardy Region’s Department for Health and Department for the Family and Social Solidarity; and with officials from the Milan Municipality.  We also continued to liaise with our Architect, Mr Branca,  to work out the details of buildings and furnishings (for which ANGSA Lombardia contributed the sum of €3,000 donated by the Sempione Rotary Club), and observed the progress of the work.  The opening will take place towards the end of the year.

Progetto Spazio Autismo  -  Cascina Bianca (Quinto Romano)

Its implementation involved several meetings and corrispondence with both the Region and the Milan Municipality.  This Service commenced on 24 June, and concerns all age groups.  Our Association cooperated in relation to the support network, the information channels, as well as a training course for health professionals, held in October.

Progetto Autismo  -  Campus Bio-medico in via Rucellai, Milan

Several meetings took place to report on the progress of the initial application, and on the plan for a Polyfunctional Autism Service.  In particular, plans were flagged for an Experimental Center, with both a national and an international profile, involving exchanges of experts and researchers.  The training of some professionals is underway in the USA with the help of scholarships. 

All the above Services will be pooled in a Center of Excellence for Autism. Its building in via Rucellai will also accommodate the permanent HQ of ANGSA Lombardia onlus.

A charity dinner  has been held for several years by the Associazione Amici del Campus Bio-medico with the cooperation of ANGSA Lombardia.  The proceeds of the dinner are given to genetic research.


The Regional Conference, promoted by ANGSA Lombardia which tabled a preliminary draft, proceeded with further drafts through several meetings.  The draft was inspired by a document on Autism presented during a number of meetings, dating back to 2003, within the Regional Plan for Childhood and Adolescence Neuropsychiatry.

In addition to ANGSA Lombardia and Autismo Italia, about 10 distinguished Lombard professionals attended the meeting.  After many requests, in a meeting at the Department of Health held on 5 August, our Association obtained permission to establish a regional working group to draft a Chart on coordinated, continuous and global patient care.

On the following 26 November, the General Directorate for Public Health, in collaboration with the Department for the Family and Social Solidarity, approved the ‘official establishment of a regional working group to define intervention procedures for Autism in relation to childhood neuropsychiatry services’.


‘Theme meetings’ have been scheduled on Cascina Rossago (24 April) and Autism School Network (27 November), as well as a meeting of members’ families named ‘picnic in the garden’, c/o Spazio Autismo, Quinto Romano near Milan (16 October).


ANGSA Lombardia set up three stands this year: in Milan (Piazza Castello), in Monza (Largo Mazzini) and in Lacchiarella near Milan.


Phone-in and advisory service for families, carried out through telephone calls or e-mails.

At the end of the year, we had to move out of our office in via Copernico.  Early in 2005 our HQ was relocated to Viale Lunigiana 40, Milano.

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The Association relocated to new premises in February. Its new address is viale Lunigiana 40 Milano. Telephone numbers are unchanged.

There has been a remarkable increase in the number of people accesing the Association’s advisory service by telephone, regular mail and electronic mail. This demonstrates the high profile of the Association.

Among ANGSA Lombardia’s new initiatives we would like to mention the launching of a weekly e-bulletin sent to its members. The bulletin contains social, administrative and legal updates, as well as information on the problems of Autism and general disabilities. We also advertise conferences, courses and other meetings taking place in Lombardy.

At the Extraordinary General Meeting of 5 November, the new Constitution was adopted. It came into force in the following month, subsequent to its registration with the relevant authorities.

During the year, several projects were further developed:

  • Progetto Scuola-Autismo:

Several meetings took place with Health Professionals who had promoted this experiment within schools, so as to complete a new format for the project. In May 2005, a Report was completed and forwarded to the relevant Authority, with a view to obtaining funding for the Project’s implementation.

  • Experimental Autism Centres

Subsequent to meetings between the representatives of the Centers, it was agreed to continue with the program of ongoing training and experimentation which has been implemented over the past few years. It was then agreed to accept ANGSA Lombardia’s proposal to stage a Day of Training, Reflection and Discussion, with a view to examining all issues relating to Autism following guidelines of SINPIA, an Italian Association of Child Neuropsychiatrists.

  • ‘Sole e Luna’ Hostel

We are awaiting final approval by the local health authorities to kickstart this project. Meanwhile, a meeting took place between the Mayor of Settimo Milanese, the President of ANGSA Lombardia and Dr Lucio Moderato from the Fondazione Istituto S. Famiglia to promote the social integration of people with Autism.

  • "Spazio Autismo" Cascina Bianca

Day care services will also be provided in the first few months of 2006.

  • Experimental Project for the rehabilitation of adults with Autistic syndrome, by means of occupational and work therapies

In cooperation with Dr Lucio Moderato of the Fondazione Istituto S. Famiglia, we drafted our Project and submitted it, on behalf of the Association, to the Milan Chamber of Commerce, with a view to obtaining a grant, equal to half of the yearly cost, for its implementation. In order to promote this Project, however, and to obtain a grant, it will be necessary to seek the cooperation of other Authorities, both to run it and to secure the rest of the funding.

  • Progetto Filippide

Several meetings took place to get the Project underway. Trained health professionals and funding will be needed. Sporting clubs and relevant authorities will be involved in the Project.

  • Musicopoli

ANGSA Lombardia signed an agreement with the Musicopoli Città delle Arti Association. Its representatives submitted projects available to people with Autism.

  • Progetto Via Rucellai (Campus Bio-medico)

We are awaiting final approval from the Milan Municipality to restructure this Project.

Collaborative programmes have also been established with

  • Fondazione Istituto S. Famiglia for the execution of three projects:

  • integrated global care (‘Superability’)

  • respite and time away from family

  • development and upgrading of the Association.

  • Cooperativa Sociale Cascina Bianca for the training of health professionals.

  • Cascina Rossago under our sponsorship, aiming towards participation in a conference in Pavia, organized by Professor Barale.

  • Cooperativa Il Germoglio, aiming to promote collaborative and advisory services.

  • S. Paolo Hospital in Milan, aiming to promote meetings with parents.

  • Rozzano Schools, aiming to promote meetings to initiate Autism projects.

  • LEDHA, an Association for the Rights of Disabled People through participation in its initiatives and courses.

  • Lombardy Region:

  • Health Department, aiming to achieve a final draft of a Report completed in January, headed ‘Diagnostic and therapeutic recommendations for people with Autism’

  • Department for Families and Social Solidarity, aiming to promote a research project, funded by the Health Ministry, called ‘Families facing Autism’. This Project involved many meetings, including a rather lengthy one which took place in our Office, with the aim of interviewing families to evince the priorities in the management of people with Autism.

Another report, ‘Problems relating to the care of people with Autism’, was also submitted to the Department of Health in order to further highlight deficiencies in services and related health workers.

On 14 May, a meeting was held on the topic ‘Teenagers and Adults with Autism’, thanks to the cooperation of Milan Province, which made available its Sala Nuovo Spazio Guicciardini. Many health professionals and parents were present.

We have also promoted a protocol between the Fondazione Istituto S. Famiglia in the person of Dr Lucio Moderato, and the Istituto Auxologico in the person of Dr Maria Teresa Bonati, to launch a research program on the genetic aspects of Autism.

Finally, a draft was prepared for an innovative development project, I CARE AUTISM, which was also forwarded to the Secretariat of the European Parliament, whose cooperation has been requested towards implementation of the Project.

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Ask the expert:

  • Our own Consultant, Antonio Rotundo, continued to provide advice to families who contacted our Association.

Patient care

  • The projects I CARE AUTISM and GRANDE EVENTO were publicized and implemented, thanks to the cooperation of Drs Lucio Moderato, Romina Casagrande and Cristina Villanova.

  • Information brochure I CARE AUTISM

A draft of a new information brochure on the history, goals and ongoing and future projects of ANGSA Lombardia  was planned and compiled.  The draft was submitted to Fondazione Luce, Fondazione Enel Cuore and other authorities.

  • An innovative developmental project, I CARE AUTISM, was submitted to Fondazione ENEL CUORE

An intervention plan was drafted and implemented, aiming at a coordinated, continuous and total patient care policy through placements in schools and workplaces, the planning and management of leisure time and eventually the creation of an emergency  intervention program.

  • Sheltered workshop project RISO DELLE STELLE

An agreement was mooted with Azienda Agricola Fratelli Bottoni in S. Vito di Gaggiano near Milan, with a view to placing autistic people within the workforce and integrating them into society.  The first phase of the project will involve the packaging and labeling of rice under an ANGSA trademark.  The second phase will involve the cultivation, packaging and sale of small fruit.  The following  projects have also been  flagged:

  • the creation of ‘agri-families’ as a further incentive to work;

  • direct marketing of goods throughout Italy on ANGSA’s behalf. The goods will be retailed at project-related points of sale.


This project was conceived through the goodwill and cooperation of Donatella Ferraris and her husband, Dr Roberto Porreca. It comprises two separate units in the Corbetta area near Milan:

  1. SORELLA LUNA:  A 300 mq hostel (Comunità Alloggio) with an option for a 100mq extension (to be assessed), to accommodate  eight guests, as well as one emergency  bed.  An agreement protocol was signed between ANGSA Lombardia  and Dr Porreca, with a view to requesting funding and arranging a bank loan.  Subsequently, ANGSA Lombardia drafted a declaration of intention involving Fondazione Istituto Sacra Famiglia as project directors.

  2. FRATELLO SOLE:  construction of a multi-purpose racecourse, suitable for international meetings, comprising a riding school, grooming facilities, stable maintenance and agritourism; use of an existing structure, Azienda Agricola S. Francesco, to grow small fruit trees (forest berries, etc.).  An agreement will be signed between ANGSA Lombardia and Azienda Agricola San Francesco.

The whole project, involving total care, self-sufficiency in accommodation, and work placements, was submitted to Fondazione Cariplo with a request for funding.


  • FESTIVAL of ABBIATEGRASSO Associations (23-24 September)

Information material was distributed relating to our Association, as well as goods kindly provided by Dr and Mrs Porreca.  Forest berries were personally collected and packaged  by Drs Romina Casagrande and Cristina Villanova on the grounds of Azienda Agricola S. Francesco, belonging to the  Porreca.  However, the turnout was disappointing.

  • FESTIVAL of Solidarity Associations in SETTIMO MILANESE (22 October)

Our Association’s information material, as well as goods kindly provided by the  Porreca were distributed.  The Settimo Milanese municipality offered space at the entrance to the Town Hall.  This was a momentous meeting with the Authorities and with 30 other voluntary associations in Settimo Milanese, also with a view to the subsequent opening of the hostel ‘Comunità Alloggio Sole e Luna’.

  • Opening of COMUNITA’ ALLOGGIO in SETTIMO MILANESE (2-3 December)

The hostel began to function on 4 September, after several requests and meetings to sort out the red tape relating to authorizations and agreements.  The official opening was preceded by a number of meetings to plan the event, involving the local Council and voluntary associations.  The Mayor and Aldermen made available human and financial resources, and recruited volunteers to facilitate the integration of people with autism using Comunità Alloggio.

The municipal offices hosted autism education workshops for about 30 volunteers, undeer the direction of Dr Lucio Moderato and his team.  The President of ANGSA Lombardia attended the last evening to represent the Association, and as a parent.

Promotional ANGSA Lombardia  postcards, planned for this event, were distributed during the opening on 2 December.  An exhibition was staged of drawings by young people with autism, who are children of our members.

A station publicizing our Association was set up on 3 December,  exhibiting educational material and items provided by Dr and Mrs Porreca.

  • Submission of applications for grants relating to disability projects:

Project applications were submitted to Milan Province, the Chamber of Commerce and the Cariplo Foundation.

Other events:

  • Experimental Centers:  “IN-SERVICE Lombardia: guidelines on Autism”, induction day following SINPIA’s guidelines (27 May 2006). (NB. SINPIA = Italian Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Society)

This Day, designed for autism care professionals and extended to the whole of Lombardy,  with a view to initiating permanent in-service training schemes, was promoted by our Association in cooperation with A.O. San Paolo and other Centers, and was coordinated by Professor Guerrini.  Other civic authorities were also involved.

Subsequent to other meetings, the Coordinamento Regionale dei Poli per l’Autismo submitted a Project for in-service training to Milan Provincial authorities, with a view to obtaining funding.  The training scheme will focus on communication strategies.  The beneficiaries will be the care professionals in the various Centers.

  • Lombardy Region’s research project ‘Families challenged by Autism’:  this survey  involved about 300 families who provided interesting details helpful in defining their needs. Our Association continued to cooperate with the Regional Unit in the processing of the data collected.

  • We attended a meeting of Lombardy Region’s Health Department concerning planning and child neuropsychiatry, to draft a document according to the guidelines for child neuropsychiatry. The document comprises a study of the challenges of Autism.

  • Autism Project Centro Koinonia in Bergamo: Our Association was represented by Dr Lucio Moderato who promoted Autism services in the area with a view to our active collaboration in the promotion of other projects, including training schemes.

  • Projects of Cooperativa Sociale Il Germoglio in Cassina de’ Pecchi, near Milan: we attended a meeting with a view to promoting an area network of Autism-related services.

  • Support for Cooperativa Sociale Spazio Aperto Servizi in Milan, with a view to promoting a training scheme for mutual self-help for parents, funded by Lombardy  Region.

  • We joined  the ‘Vita Indipendente’, consortium, representing a Regional working group, with a view to obtaining funding to support social self-sufficiency.

  • ‘Spazio Autismo’ in Cascina Bianca: our cooperation was instrumental in opening a Day Center (CDD) for people with Autism in early 2006.

We took part in LEDHA initiatives and meetings (LEDHA = Federation for the Rights of the Disabled): the increase in the number of proposals meant that all our members were involved, by way of participation in specialist working groups dealing with various initiatives.

We attended Milan Municipality’s ‘Disabled Working Group’.  There are new rules concerning services.

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End-of-year Report:

  • Poli per l’Autismo: further meetings took place, with a view to improving autism-related services and the promotion of a training course, funded by Milan Province and open to other Centres, which will terminate in 2008. Our Association was represented  at each of these meetings, in order to highlight the needs of families.

  • Lombardy Region:

  • Department of Health: our Association attended

  • a working group on ‘High-maintenance disorders’, which included issues relating to Autism;

  • a working group convened to draft a report on the organization of Child Neuropsychiatry services.  Our guidelines for Autism were included in the document.

  • Department of Family Policies:

  • We attended a round table on ‘Families and Autism’, and collaborated with a research program, funded by the national Department of Health.  The results of the research program were submitted during the May 2007 conference, following which it was announced that a competition would be advertised, with a view to financing the best project for the needs of autistic subjects from early childhood to adulthood.

  • Meetings took place with the Chief Executive Officer, dottor Fazzone, to finalize initiatives following the May conference.

  • Municipality of Milan:

  • Department of Health  - Disability and Mental Health Division

  • At the end of 2007, ANGSA Lombardia promoted the setting-up of a working group comprising the representatives of Coordinamento Poli Sperimentali per l’Autismo, with a view to drawing up proposals for the creation of innovative personalized paths, and a network of services in pursuit of the Global Lifestyle Project, opening a chance of tendering for the regional competition.

  • We briefed Alderwoman De Albertis (who has since resigned) on the problems of Autism and Progetto Filippide, on the training of sprinting coaches for autistic subjects.

  • Disability Unit, Housing Office: we held meetings with a view to housing patients residing in Milan in the Comunità Alloggio Sole e Luna in Settimo Milanese.

  • We continued to cooperate with

  • Fondazione Istituto Sacra Famiglia to set up a course for health professionals;

  • Associazione Paolo Pini to set up a training program for volunteers;

  • Associazione Amici del Campus Bio medico with a view to updating and implementing Progetto Autismo to be carried out in Via Rucellai.  Furthermore, we attended a fund-raising dinner;

  • ANGSA ONLUS, hosting two meetings of the national executive in April and December.

  • Angsa Lombardia attended

  • A conference, sponsored by DAMA – A.O. S. Paolo, to assess the efficiency of the DAMA (Disabled Advanced Medical Assistance) service.

  • A day of reflection on ‘Autism: a riddle?’, sponsored by Istituto Erasmo da Rotterdam (covering the municipalities of Cinisello Balsamo, Sesto San Giovanni and Cologno Monzese), open to teachers and health professionals.

  • Meetings with Socio-educational Services in Cassina de’ Pecchi and Rozzano, to set up services for autistic subjects.

  • Meetings with Coop. Soc. Spazio Aperto Servizi in Milan, with a view to  mutual self-help training for parents, funded by Lombardy Region.

  • A conference at IULM University on 29 November, on the theme ‘Listen, inform, raise awareness, network’, sponsored by Coop. Soc. Cascina Bianca, and a talk on the vital importance of the autistic lifestyle project.

  • Meetings of LEDHA on the following themes:

  • contribution by families to the cost of services;

  • access to schools;

  • what happens while we are alive/after us.

  • ANGSA Lombardia supported:

  • Autism projects initiated by the association Musicopoli Città delle Arti.

  • Individual projects for respite and leisure for autistic subjects, submitted for funding by various Milan cooperatives (I Percorsi, Spazio Aperto Servizi, Cascina Bianca) pursuant to Legge 162.

  • Project FRATELLO SOLE for a horseriding school, situated within the Parco Agricolo. The project was endorsed by Milan Province.  We attended some of the meetings devoted to its implementation.

  • ANGSA Lombardia held the following AD HOC MEETINGS in concomitance with the two general assemblies:

  • on 31 March 2007: ‘Autism today’;

  • on 1 December 2007: ‘Autism and the lifestyle project: schools and models for access’.

The end of the year saw our affiliation to Autismo Italia onlus.

The Association’s Officers were elected during the general assembly on 1 December 2007.

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 End-of-year Report:

 We were responsible for the following initiatives relating to our ‘Project Life’ for all ages:

  • A project for decisive behavioral intervention (ABA) to support pre-school and school-age children.

  • We mounted an ABA course for parents, run by Professor Truzoli, and provided support for the Parents’ ABA Committee.

  • We reactivated the Autism School Network project and our School Group.

  • Poli per l’autismo: we continued to collaborate with this association for the implementation of in-service training courses, funded by the Province of Milan. These courses were also made available in other centers. Induction sessions for parents will follow in April 2009.

  • Project Filippide: on 15 June, in response to the initiative I Giorni della Salute (Days of Health) promoted by Milan Municipality, ANGSA Lombardia held a conference to launch the project.  The conference was attended by delegates from Lombardy Region, Milan Province and Milan Municipality.  A number of public, private and sporting authorities also participated. 

  • A hands-on session for sports operators, who will be to-hand during the training of patients with Autism, was held in mid-December. The session was funded by Milan Province and was run with the collaboration of the Sporting Association Giovani per i Giovani, the Cooperative I Percorsi – ANFFAS, and  the Management of the sports complex Forza e Coraggio.

  • We collaborated with:

    • The Department for Families and Community Relations of  Lombardy Region to lobby in relation to the Autism Competition, and attended a meeeting on March 19 to officially launch the Competition and the conditions for entering;

    • Milan Province, with a view to promoting experimental workshops for patients with Autism;

    • The Health Department of Milan Municipality in the following initiatives:

      • on 2 December, the President of ANGSA Lombardia and Councillor Baldi met with the Alderman for Health Services of Milan Municipality, Dr Landi di Chiavenna, and the Services Manager, Dr Pron, in order to submit the following high priority requests:

      • promotion of ABA;

      • Project Life for people with Autism;

      • the revival of a working group, Gruppo tematico ‘Sindrome autistica’ (settore handicap e salute mentale), promoted by our association and made official on 18 February through a managerial resolution.  A meeting was attended by a number of delegates from Milan Municipality, Poli per l’Autismo, the CDD (Day Centers for Disabled People), with a view to standardizing all Autism patient services on the basis of the principles of Project Life;

    • ASL Città di Milano (Local Health Office for the City of Milan): we attended a number of meetings with a view to collecting the necessary documentation relating to the Competition.  ASL Città di Milano was placed sixth.

    • ß ASL Milano 3 (overall winner) and ASL Milano 1 (3rd place).  ANGSA Lombardia participated as partner in the projects submitted for  Competition;

    • Project S. Francesco in Corbetta: negotiations are in progress with the Mayor of Corbetta and Milan Province towards the creation of a complex for horse breeding,  horse riding, farming, work experience and sport.

    • Project Autismo Campus Bio medico of Via Rucellai: restructuring work is in progress on an international autism center;

    • Project Cascina San Vincenzo in Concorezzo: an Autism project is being implemented;

    • Cooperativa AIRIS in Concorezzo: we were involved in training sessions, and the implementation of a schools project;

    • Cooperativa Amicizia in Codogno: this Cooperative has asked ANGSA Lombardia for support towards residential accommodation;

    • Cooperativa G2 in Pregnana:  a new Polo per l’Autismo has been set up, offering work experience and patient autonomy;

    • Cooperativa Cascina Bianca:  we collaborated in regard to the creation of children’s services and residential accommodation;

    • Cooperativa Spazio Aperto Servizi: we achieved flexible facilities in relation to respite, leisure, residential accommodation, the promotion of training, and family-to-family support.

    • Cooperativa PASO in Trezzo d’Adda;

    • Associazione Koinonia in Bergamo: we assisted in the creation of a day center and residential accommodation;

    • Centro Spazio Autismo in Bergamo: we met with Dr Marchesi and visited a number of Autism-related facilities;

    • ATLHA in Milan: respite services, leisure, holidays etc.;

    • Istituto Auxologico (Institute for the Study of Adolescent Development) in Milan (c/o Dr Bonati): we were involved in the creation of a diagnostic and assessment service for Autism;

    • Casa di Gino in Lora, Como: we visited  the facility with a view to setting up residential accommodation for autistic people;

    • Associazione Paolo Pini: we were involved in a training course for Autism volunteers;

    • GE.FI. Spa: a stand was allocated within the art and craft exhibition ‘L’artigiano in Fiera’, for the sale of products from the Cooperativa Agricola S. Francesco in Corbetta, with profits to go to our Association;

    • LEDHA: we attended a number of focus meetings;

    • Rotary Club: we were involved in an exhibition of drawings by persons with Autism in the former customs house in Piazza 5 Giornate in Milan, and attended a meeting for the promotion of Project KOALA.  We also asked for assistance in the promotion of our Association;

    • ICS Filzi in Via Ravenna, Milan, and delegates from San Paolo Hospital in Milan, to ensure the continuation of  Autism facilities;

    • Carrefour Spa: we had a number of meetings to launch a project for the promotion and public awareness  of Autism.

  • We established contact with: Caritas, Fondazione Papa Giovanni XXIII, Associazione residenza di Albino (near Bergamo), Cooperativa Il Gabbiano, Fondazione De Marchi, Centro Benedetta d’Intino, Fondazione Manuli, Cooperativa Fabula Onlus. In particular, we went on-line with  details of activities (events, courses, seminars, conferences) which had been solicited by a number of organizations, inside and outside Lombardy.

Focus meetings:

  • Autism at the crossroads between genetics and immunity: today and tomorrow: a talk by Dr Antonello Persico, from the Molecular and Neurogenetic Psychiatry Laboratory in the Centro di Ricerca Universitaria Campus Bio-medico in Rome.  Dr Persico discussed the findings of his team’s recent research work, achieved in collaboration with other specialist University research centers both in Italy and abroad.  Significant advances have been made during the past few years;

  • Autism and research: a talk by Dr M. Teresa Bonati, a specialist in medical genetics at the Istituto Auxologico Italiano (Institute for the Study of Adolescent Development);

  • Dr Morciano guided us through the Centro Servizi Walden in Segrate.  The Center, which was promoted by the Cooperativa  Il Mosaico, is designed for the treatment of cognitive and behavioral disorders, in particular Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, Tourette’s Syndrome and other developmental disorders.

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Highlights of the year:

Main events:

  • Carrefourpromotion from 30 May to 2 June, in the Assago Shopping Precinct, involving ANGSA Lombardia flyers and the distribution of the Society’s brochure at the checkouts.  This promotion was also publicized on the Carrefour website.  The Carrefour Company donated €5,000.

  • At the 24 October general meeting:

  • ANGSA Lombardia’s affiliation to Fondazione Oltre il Labirinto onlus was approved, under the heading Additional Founder.  The Fondazione’s President is Dr Nerina Mirotti;

  • A book by our member, Mariagrazia Magon was launched, under the title ‘L’autismo attraverso un’esperienza umana: Dio ci conosce con il nostro vero nome’ (‘Autism through a human experience: God knows our real name’). The book will not be marketed, and any donations will be forwarded to the Association.

Promotion of the Project ‘Progetto globale di vita’


  • A meeting was held on 28 March at the Istituto Salesiano in Milan in memory of Dr Enrico Micheli, under the heading ‘AUTISM: MOVING TOWARDS A BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE’.  A book, ‘Il modello Superability’, by our member Dr Lucio Moderato, was launched.

  • An in-service within the experimental project ‘Autistic Syndrome’ is continuing, in cooperation with Milan Province and under the aegis of ANGSA Lombardia together with Coordinamento Autismo.  The following modules were held in the Sala Guicciardini in Milan Province’s offices:

  • 2, 3, 23 & 24 April:  a training course for parents combining theory and practice ‘PROMOTING THE DEVELOPMENT OF SKILLS WITHIN THE FAMILY ENVIRONMENT

  • 8-9 Mayand 5-6 June, a course for health professionals ‘From self-realization to socialization.  Educational steps to develop occupational skills, autonomous and leisure-related skill, and to manage behavioral issues’

  • A seminaron 7 May at the Liceo Artistico Caravaggio in Milan: ‘AUTISM AND SCHOOL, A life-long project’;

  • A seminar on 20 June in Bresso: ‘AUTISM FOR LIFE, not against life’;

  • A meeting on 10 October in the Great Hall of Acquario Civico in Milan, sponsored by Azienda Ospedaliera San Paolo and ANGSA Lombardia. The theme was ‘My friend is normal, but is autistic…’;



  • Progetto Filippide:  a small group of young people were trained at the Campo Comunale, Settimo Milanese, during the first three months of the year. They then competed in the Stramilano race on 5 April.

Cooperation with sundry authorities and organizations:

Lombardy Region:

  • A meetingwas held on 18 February with Dr Giulio Boscagli, Chair of the Committee for Family and Social Solidarity, with a view to promoting initiatives for the assistance of  families in urgent need;

  • A meetingwas held on 8 June with Dr Luciano Bresciani, Chair of the Public Health Committee for the presentation of autism-related issues, in particular with particular regard to the first level of early childhood;

  • A meeting was held on 17 Junewith Dr Cappi, member of the Committee for Family and Social Solidarity, with a view to updating current activities towards the implementation of Rete Autismo in the areas which won the competition, which was assessed by Gruppo IRCS;

Milan Municipality:

  • Round table Autismo – Assessorato alla Salute: meetings took place on 15 January, 12 March, 4 May, 29 June and 9 November.  The agenda concerned a questionnaire for the spread of services and a definition of a lifelong journey, and involved the ASL Città di Milano authority.

  • A meetingwas held on 15 September with the Public Health Committee, at which the project personnel was chosen, as well as the details for the execution and completion of the restructuring work on the Centro Internazionale per l’Autismo, within the project Autismo Campus Biomedico in Via Rucellai in Milan;

  • A meetingtook place on 30 October with the representatives of various Committees for the Zones of Milan for the purpose of coordinating, exchanging and identifying the situation in several areas and their needs and  current resources.

  • Meetings took place at ANFFAS with representatives of Regional Coordination groups, with a view to setting up an in-service training program within the experimental Project ‘Progetto Sperimentale Syndrome Autistica’ , with the cooperation of Dr Paolo Moderato of Parma University.

ANGSA Lombardia gave its support to:

  • A meetingwas held on 18 February with Dr Giulio Boscagli, Chair of the Committee for Family and Social Solidarity, with a view to promoting initiatives for the assistance of  families in urgent need;

  • Coop GP2  -  Pregnana, towards its Contesto Project and towards the implementation of projects involving work schedules and patient autonomy;

  • Coop. Cascina Bianca: cooperation towards the setting-up of services for infants and community accommodation;

  • Fondazione De Marchi in Milan:  a course in progressive communication;

  • Musicopoli in Milan: our support towards several projects, and our participation in the June show;

  • Project ‘Family by family’Cascina San Vincenzo in ConcorezzoSignora Samantha Villa is in charge of  the setting-up of a project on Autism;

  • ANGSA Lombardia was involved in the regional project ‘Rete Autismo’ within the ASL branches of Monza Brianza and ASL Milano 1.


  • Coop. Spazio Aperto Servizi:

  • Towards the implementation of flexible respite, leisure and accommodation services and also towards the promotion of training courses and mutual assistance for families.

  • Participation in a seminar on ‘Autism, what’s the problem?’, to involve the Casoretto Community in the integration of young people with Autism.

  • LEDHA:  we attended several single-issue meetings, where our representatives were Isabella Soldi and Adele Confalonieri.  Anna Bovi attended a meeting on 15 December to draw up our new Rules;

  • Rotary Club:  for the purpose of involving all the provinces of Lombardy.

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Main events of the year:

  •  Volunteer Days: on 30 and 31 January, ANGSA Lombardia held a display at the Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan.

  • A major event took place on 28 May in Milan.  The event was organized by the Fondazione OIL with the cooperation of ANGSA Lombardia, and was attended by actor Maria Grazia Cucinotta as campaigner for Autism research. A concert was held in the evening at the Palazzina Liberty, in the presence of Giampaolo Landi di Chiavenna, Councillor for Health Services with the Milan Municipality.

Promotions and initiatives

  • An in-service training program is continuing, within the “Autistic Syndrome Experimental Project”.  The program is articulated into professional and family-oriented levels.  The Province of Milan is cooperating with the project, which is promoted by ANGSA Lombardia and Coordinamento Autismo.

  • The second Seminar on ‘Autism for life but not against Life - Educational Strategies’, promoted by ANGSA Lombardia, was held in Bresso on 5 June.

The International Congress of Autisme Europe on ‘What is the future for people with Autism?’, was held on 8-10 October in Catania, and included representatives form ANGSA-Lombardia.

  • A seminar AUTISM AND SCHOOL:  ‘Educational integration of autistic children with Autism of pre-school age’ was held on 16 October, with the participation of the relevant authorities (representatives of the Regional, Provincial and Municipal Councils in Milan), and of private organizations.

  • Project Living: this project was promoted within the 28 May Event, details of which were subsequently forwarded to public and private agencies.

  • Project Bando Rete Autismo: we attended several meetings of ASL1 and ASL Monza Brianza.

  • Progetto Filippide: several letters requesting funding were forwarded to provincial councillors.

  • Progetto INN: we attended several meetings with the Milan Municipality Councillor for Public Health, towards the promotion of the Project Global Living.

  • Progetto Lavoro:

- we applied for European grants together with Coop. Cascina Bianca and Spazio Autismo Bergamo;

- we held meetings with ENAIP to discuss a possible work experience for adolescents with Autism.

Projects for leisure and holidays:

- we held meetings with the President of Coop. Fabula to discuss several proposals for the sector childhood/adolescence;

- we met with representatives of  Coop. Duepuntiacapo of Paderno Dugnano.

Cooperation with various agencies and organizations

  • Lombardy Region(Office for Families): we attended a meeting for an update on the experiment Progetto Bando Rete Autismo (22 December;

  • Municipality of Milan: we met with the Councillor for Health Services, Municipality of Milan, during his visit to the Centro per l’Autismo at 3, via Mancinelli.

  • Municipality of Lainate:

- a concert was held, with proceeds going to ANGSA Lombardia (12 June);

- a stall was opened at the San Rocco Fair (4-5 September).

Other forms of cooperation by ANGSA Lombardia:

  • we supported educator, member and advisor, Sr Antonio Rotundo, in the running of several training courses.

  • Associazione TRIADE of Busto Arsizio: in January, this Association joined ANGSA Lombardia who supported several conferences and initiatives.

  • Cooperativa Spazio Aperto Servizi, Milan: we supported several projects relating to specific Bills, and cooperated in the promotion of Progetto di vita.

  • Cooperativa Amicizia, Codogno: we supported its request of accreditation of residential care.  We also attended the 11 March event, which was also attended by the Regional President, Roberto Formigoni.

  • PECS Course at Peschiera Borromeo on ‘How to improve communication in autistic spectrum disorders’: we agreed to sponsor the course and attended it (1 to 3 October).

  • Casa dell’abilità in Milan: we attended its opening and a press conference on 4 October.

  • Centro per l’autismo A.O. San Paolo in Milan: we attended the opening of a new Centre in via Ovada (8 October), and cooperated in the drafting of a  message to the authorities in attendance, outlining the difficulties faced by people with Autism and their families.

  • Centro Benedetta d’Intino in Milan: we attended the launch of a book, Pulce non c’è (10 November).

  • Fondazione Sodalitas, Milan: we attended a meeting on ‘Work and disability: words and deeds’ (3 December).

  • Fondazione Mondadori, Milan: we met with Dott.ssa Cristina Mondadori in order to flag possible forms of cooperation.

  • Fondazione Umano Progresso, Milan: we met with its representative, Dott.ssa Cinzia Abbondio, on 15 December, in order to promote a project, Progetto di Vita.

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Main events of the year:

  •  From January to the end of the year Councillor Daniela Baldi was available on Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at our office in via Lunigiana 40, Milan, for consultation and advice.

  •  On 28 February, ANGSA Lombardia was awarded a gold-plated plaque by the Mayor of Milan and the Councillor for Health, in recognition of its cooperation .


  • Within Experimental Project “Autistic Syndrome”, an in-service training course for managers, health professionals and parents has continued to be provided, thanks to the cooperation of Milan province.  The course has been promoted by ANGSA Lombardia togther with Coordinamento Autismo and Gruppo Asperger.

  • We participated in several training programs offered by Educator Antonio Rotundo.

  • The third seminar in the series “Autism for life, not against life  -  Write on...and for Autism” was conducted by Vice-President Isabella Soldi on 21 May in Bresso.  The seminar was attended by a number of authors of books about Autism.

  • Several meetings took place with a view to designing a refresher course for Health professionals involved in the treatment of people with Autism, promoted by ANGSA Lombardia together with Fondazione S. Famiglia and the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart.  The course commenced in November 2011 and will conclude on 14 April 2012.  It will be followed by an International Conference on Autism (tentative date: October 2012), funded to a large extent by ANGSA Lombardia.

  • On 23 September, ANGSA Lombardia attended a Conference at the Istituto Auxologico, Cusano Milanino, on the issue of how to update biomedical research. The speakers were Prof. Antonello Persico, Campus Bio-medico, Rome; and Dr Maria Teresa Bonati, a geneticist from the Istituto Auxologico.


  • Progetto INN (innovative project): since the appointment of a new Councillor for Social Policies and Culture, negotiations have continued towards an implementation of personalized paths for the Progetto di Vita, with the cooperation of Fondazione S. Famiglia and Coop. Soc. Spazio Aperto Servizi;

  •  Project ‘Work’: meetings took place with Dr Cecilia Storti of ENAIP, with a view to devising a work program for teenagers with Autism, in cooperation with Fondazione S. Famiglia.

  •  Accommodation Project:  we continued to look for suitable sites for the construction of residential units such as family bungalows, flats etc. (Project Casa mia), together with Architect Alba Gallizia and Mr Guido de Vecchi;

  •  Progetto Filippide: this has been partly revived, but it needs further funding to be able to cover a larger number of users.  This Project will be directed by Coop. Progetto Filippide Lombardia in Cassina de’ Pecchi, under the direction of Monica Lo Dato, with a view to training sports operators and an extension of the Project throughout Lombardy.


  • ASL Monza Brianza: on 14 January, we attended a meeting on Autism at the Polo Universitario, Bicocca di Monza;

  •  Comunità alloggio Casa Betti: on 23 February, we attended the opening of an accommodatio complex situated in Via Uruguay, Quartiere Gallaratese in Milan;

  • Coop. Spazio Aperto Servizi: on 1st March we met with the President, Dr Savi, with a view to promoting the Progetto Vita.  Further relevant meetings were held at Fondazione S. Famiglia;

  • Rotary Club: we attended a Dinner on 15 March at the Hotel de la Ville, on the theme of Autism.  Dr Lucio Moderato and Anna Bovi gave talks and showed slides;

  • Centro Fondazione Luce: on 23 March, we attended the opening of the Centro Polifunzionale in via Rucellai 36 in Milan, which has not yet begun its activities;

  • ASL Milano: we have reopened the Tavolo Autismo and have held meetings with a view to highlighting the salient phases of life for people with Autism, the shortcomings in training schemes and facilities, and the need to set up an integrated network among the various Agencies,  so as to assist families throughout the relevant phases (protocols of agreement). We also touched on issues relating to early diagnosis and intensive care in adolescence and adulthood. All participating agencies have been asked to send in a submission containing their profile;

  • Fondazione Sodalitas: we entered the competition with a project on Autism, “Insieme per l’autonomia”, with a view to implementing schemes to promote autonomy, workshops, leisure activities and training courses for health professionals. Our submission was not one of the top ten chosen by the Fondazione;

  • Centro per l’Autismo A.O. San Paolo: we addressed a letter on 10 October, requesting a meeting with the Health Manager, with a view to defining Project Autism and the condition of the Via Ovada accommodation opened in October 2010;

  • Lombardy Region: we were interviewed by the Health Committee No. Three on the problems of Autism, and on the importance of raising public awareness on such problems, together with other Lombard Associations.  Further meetings were held, with a view to organizing a Conference on 12 November, “AUTISM: the role and responsibilities of institutions, between visibility and invisibility”.  On this occasion, ANGSA presented its own awareness-raising submission, which was sent to the Regional Governor, c.c. to other representatives of public authorities. A press conference followed on 25 November, at the behest of Committee No. Three;

  • Municipality of Milan: we reactivated the Tavolo Autismo scheme with the Department of Health, with a view to defining a global care scheme, with the cooperation of other agencies and departments. Moreover, several meetings took place towards the definition of a Personalized Project;

  • Coop. Fabula: towards publicizing several initiatives relating to holidays and leisure time activities;

  • Centro Benedetta d’Intino and Fondazione Mondadori: we met with Dr Cristina Mondadori to devise a program of cooperation towards the implementation of a project or competition for schools;

  • Fondazione Bambini delle Fate: several meetings were held, with a view to suggesting ways of funding Autism-related projects.  Cooperation was sought from our Association, at least at the level of personal involvement by our members;

  • Cascina S. Vincenzo – Concorezzo(under the direction of our member Samantha Villa): we agreed to participate in various projects;

  • Art Exhibitions of works by Roberta Colombo, daughter of Councillor Sabrina Colombo, sponsored by ANGSA Lombardia;

  •  Musicopoli: we gave our support to a number of educational and leisure-time projects;

  • L’abilità onlus, Cascina Bianca Coop. Soc., Il Gabbiano Coop. Soc., Duepuntiacapo Coop. Soc.: we sent several letters of support to, and  participation in their projects and initiatives;

  • LEDHA: our representative Isabella Soldi  attended several focused meetings, and provided legal expertise;

  • National ANGSA: we participated in the CENSIS research project on Autism, and cooperated in the dissemination of Guidelines issued by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità;

  • Support for, and participation in, further initiatives of Agencies and individuals.

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Main events of the year:

  • 24 March: Election of new Committee.

  • 15 June: ANGSA Lombardia was awarded a prize (Premio Isimbardi) by Milan Province.

  • 22 June: our Association relocated from Viale Lunigiana 40 to Via Bernardo Rucellai 36, Milano, within the CENTRO “MAFALDA LUCE” PER I DISTURBI PERVASIVI DELLO SVILUPPO. Telephone and fax numbers are unchanged.


  • An in-service training program for managers, health professionals and parents continues to be delivered with the cooperation of Milan Province. The program is promoted by ANGSA Lombardia, together with Coordinamento Autismo and Gruppo Asperger.

  • 2 April:  we celebrated International Autism Day. A seminar was held on the theme “NATIONAL GUIDELINES FOR AUTISM IN EARLY CHILDHOOD AND ADOLESCENCE: PERSPECTIVES AND OPPORTUNITIES”. The seminar was promoted by Fondazione Istituto S. Famiglia, ANGSA Lombardia onlus and Spazio Nautilus onlus.

  • 14 April: conclusion of a refresher course for health professionals involved in the treatment of people with autism. The course was promoted by ANGSA Lombardia onlus together with Fondazione Istituto S. Famiglia and the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.

  • May:ABAtraining course in the Sala Pirelli, on the premises of Lombardy Region. The course was free of charge and was delivered by Cllr. Daniela Baldi.

  • 23 June: Cllr Isabella Soldi organized in Bresso the 4th Seminar on the theme “Autism for life, not against life  -  Childhood and adulthood”.

Promotion of Projects

  • Project for Life (Progetto di Vita), promoted in conjunction with the Minister for Social Policies and other Government Departments of Lombardy Region.

  • Negotiations continued towards the implementation of individually designed pathways within the Project for Life, with the cooperation of Fondazione Istituto S. Famiglia.

  • Housing Project: we continued to search for premises with the aim to securing residential solidarity units, family housing, apartments etc. (Project Casa Mia).

  • Progetto Filippide: this has been partly resumed. The Project needs further funding to enable it to be extended to a greater number of patients.  The Project is directed by the Coop. Progetto Filippide Lombardia in Cassina de’ Pecchi, Project Manager is Monica Lo Dato.  Its aim is to train sports operators and to extend the Project to the whole of Lombardy.

Cooperation with other Agencies and Organizations

  • Centro “Mafalda Luce”: ANGSA Lombardia has sent several reminders to the Lombardy Region and the Milan Municipality to solicit the opening of the Rehabilitation Center in Via Rucellai, 36.  To achieve this goal,we held a meeting with Dottor Locatelli of ASL Milano, which was attended by Dottor Imperiali of Fondazione Piatti.

  • Lombardy Region, Third Health Committee: following on the 2011 meeting in Milan on problems relating to Autism, and to increase public awareness of critical issues, further meetings were held with other Lombardy Associations, in Bergamo, Brescia and Como.

  • Cascina S. Vincenzo – Concorezzo: our Association joined several projects.

  • SCIONG: agreements were drawn up towards future forms of cooperation.

  • BARCLAYS BANK: agreements were drawn up towards future forms of cooperation.

  • Parole Tue: agreements were drawn up with a speech therapy group coordinated by Dr Maria Montuschi.

  • LEDHA: we attended several meetings concerning specific issues and legal consultancies.

  • ANGSA onlus (National Federation): we agreed to cooperate towards dissemination of the Guidelines issued by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità.   

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Main events of the year:

Initiatives and projects:

Ø Training:

  • In-service Training Program continued to be delivered, within the Progetto Sperimentale Sindrome Autistica for health professionals and parents, with the cooperation of Milan Province. ANGSA Lombardia onlus, Coordinamento Autismo and Spazio Nautilus were the project promoters.

  • 2 April: World Autism Awareness Day. In cooperation with ASL Monza e Brianza, a meeting was held at Presidio Corberi, via Monte Grappa 19, Limbiate (MB).

  • On 6 March, a press conference was held by FingerTalks, in cooperation with ANGSA Lombardia onlus, to introduce Immaginario, a range of Apps which may be useful to those with special educational needs. This is intended to place technology at the service of children with “special” needs with the help of simple, common gadgets such as smartphones and tablets. There was a very good turnout of journalists, health professionals and parents.  Also in attendance was Giovanni Storti, one of the founding members and practitioners of the FingerTalks brand. The president of ANGSA Lombardia highlighted the problems of  Autism and families affected by it.

  • Conference on Autism, 31 May - 1 June, in cooperation with Fondazione Istituto S. Famiglia, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and ANGSA Lombardia onlus. Internationally renowned speakers and representatives of key organizations attended the conference.

  • A.B.A. Training sessions for health professionals and parents, conducted by Daniela Baldi.

  • 9 September: we were represented at the 8th Conference on quality of life for disabled people, organized by Università Cattolica and Fondazione Sospiro.

  • 25 & 26 October at Auditorium Giorgio Gaber, Palazzo Pirelli Regione Lombardia, piazza Duca d’Aosta 3, Milan: Meeting on “Autism: audiovisual strategies during a lifetime”, with the cooperation of Finger Talks and other Agencies. The conference was promoted by ANGSA Lombardia onlus to commemorate the fifth anniversary of Dr Enrico Micheli’s death, with a focus on enhancing experimentation and integration in workplace and society. Video footage of the whole conference has been uploaded on the Web (


  • 16 February; ANGSA Lombardia, with other Lombard agencies active in the field of Autism, sent a letter to all candidates for the Presidency of Lombardy Region on the occasion of the regional election on 24-25 February 2013, highlighting the problems of Autism.

  • 12 April: subsequent to the regional elections, our associations submitted a fresh request to President Maroni, to the newly-elected Councillors and members of the Regional Parliament, reiterating the importance of implementing Guideline 21 and other guidelines.
    ( ). We also requested a permanent Working Group on Autism and a meeting.

  • 29 May: we met with Avv. Francesco Trebeschi (Brescia), for the purpose of rolling out a class action dealing with the ongoing failure of the authorities to implement legislation concerning people with Autism.

  • 17 June: we were represented at the Open Day of the new Semi-residential Rehab Therapeutic Centre (CTRS) for Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders, which is administered by the Fondazione Piatti at the Centro Mafalda Luce di, via Rucellai 36, Milan.

  • 5 July: a meeting was held between the signatory associations and Maria Cristina Cantù, Regional Officer for Families, Social Solidarity and Voluntariat. ANGSA Lombardia submitted a further edition of its paper on crisis management
    ( ).

Subsequent to the 5 July 2013 meeting, the following measures were adopted:

Regional Government deliberation No. 392 of 12 July 2013 ( It implements a program of assistance to families comprising persons with disabilities, with special regard to pervasive developmental disorders and autistic spectrum disorders.

Regional Council Deliberation of 9 July 2013, No. X/78: Regional Development Program of 10th Session (BURL Serie Ordinaria n. 30, Tuesday 23 July 2013).

Unanimous Resolution of Lombardy Regional Council on 17 July 2013 , committing the Regional Government to canvass the National Ministry for Health with a view to adding autistic disorders to the pathologies recognized by the INPS Insurance Scheme, by replacing the outdated Classification ICD-9 with Classification ICD-10 (
This would enable people with Autism to acquire further benefits, such as accompanying carers.

  • 8 July: we met with Professor Persico and his team and reported on the  involvement of the Unità Ambulatoriale di Psichiatria dell’Infanzia, dell’Adolescenza e dell’Adulto (Psychiatric Center for Children, Teenagers and Adults), situated in via Rucellai.

  • 6 November: a press conference was held, to illustrate a Lombardy Regional Bill on Autism.

  • 20 November: ANGSA Lombardia called a meeting of Autism agencies throughout Lombardy, who had been signatories to a number of letters previously addressed to the Regional Government.  Twenty-two agencies, representing all Lombardy Provinces, were involved in this meeting. One of the items on the agenda were proposals for changes to the Bill on Autism.

  • 4 December: a further letter was addressed to the representatives of Lombardy Region, highlighting all the demands which have not yet been met. Moreover, further details were sought in regard to Deliberazione X/392 of 12 July 2013, in relation to the implementation of individual life paths for people with Autism.

  • 23 December: we met with the Regional Minister for Families, Maria Cristina Cantù,  who informed us that more time was needed for the implementation of DGR X/392, as all ASL Health Units had to be involved.

  • We took part in the summer and Xmas chapters of the Campaign Il Mio Dono, sponsored by Unicredit, the outcome of which has been posted on

  • We prepared an Exhibition of paintings on Autism, within the 2 April 2014 World Day, coordinated by our Member Renzo Cantelli  and the participation of the Centro Artistico Culturale Milanese. The exhibition will be held in a prestigious venue.


  • We promoted the Progetto di Vita with the relevant public agencies. This new Project, which involves individually tailored full-life paths, together with the appropriate costings, was delivered to Lombardy Region’s Minister Cantù. Unfortunately, the Project had not been included in Statute DGR 392.

  • 8 January: Agreement Protocol between the Fondazione Istituto S. Famiglia and ANGSA Lombardia onlus towards the implementation of Progetto di Vita.

  • Accommodation Project: we continued to search for accommodation in housing units, family homes, apartments etc. (ProgettaMI of Milan Municipality).

  • We held several meetings, in cooperation with Centro Orientamento Disabili of Milan Municipality, Coop. Cascina Bianca and Barclays Bank, towards a rollout of Progetto lavoro while waiting for funding approval.

Cooperation with other agencies and organizations

  • Parole Tue: a speech therapy association coordinated by Dr Maria Montuschi.

  • LEDHA: we participated in several thematic meetings and legal consultations.

  • ANGSA nazionale: in particular, we cooperated in the dissemination of Guidelines (Agreement between National Government and the Regions), and in World Day on 2 April.

  • TMA: several meetings were held to disseminate events and initiatives within Lombardy.

  • We supported and joined other initiatives by Agencies and Individuals.

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Main events of the year:


  • In-service Training Program for health professionals and parents continued to be delivered with the cooperation of Milan Province. The promoters were ANGSA Lombardia onlus and Gruppo Asperger.

Initiatives and projects:


  • 13 January: A meeting took place with Regional Councillor for Families, Maria Cristina Cantù, in order to promote Progetto di Vita per l’Autismo. During the meeting we delivered Calendars and Newsletters pertaining to our Association.

  • 13 March & 28 October: We met with officials from the Region’s Department for Education, Training and Occupation.

  • 2 April: Exhibition of pictures on Autism, inside Lombardy Region’s SPAZIO EVENTI, coordinated by our member, Renzo Cantelli, with the participation of the Centro Artistico Culturale Milanese and persons with Autism. A parallel Demonstration of Callisthenics took place, coordinated by the amateur sports Association, I Giovani per i Giovani. This initiative was preceded by several meetings with officials from the Vice Presidency of the Regional Council.

  • 29 May: We attended a charity dinner hosted by the Association “Amici del Campus”, in support of the scientific research program of the Università Campus Bio Medico in Rome.

  • 3 October: We met with dott.ssa Menichini from Milan Municipality for the purpose of resuming the round table on Autism.

  • 14 October: We met with dott.ssa Laura Stampini from the Ufficio Regionale Scolastico (the Region’s Schools Department) with a view to disseminating essential literature on Autism and relevant guidelines.

  • 12 November: We attended a meeting in Hotel Manin on Autism Awareness strategies, arranged by Inner Wheel.

  • 1 December: We attended a Round Table on Autism, launched by the Social Policies Department, Milan Municipality.

Initiatives to coordinate the 22 Agencies for Autism in Lombardy:

  • 10 March & 7 July: We strongly reiterated in writing our request of 4 December 2013 on Tavolo Autismo and Approval of the Autism Bill.

  • 17 April & 30 October: We met in the Regional Offices with Councillor for Families, Maria Cristina Cantù.

  • 3 June: We met with all representatives of Coordinamento in our offices in Via Rucellai, with a view to devising new strategies.

  • 13 June: ·  We wrote to the Chair, Regional Committee for Health, in order to canvass the passing of Autism legislation.


  • Progetto di Vita (Project for Life), promoted through relevant government Agencies, for the establishment of fully tailored individual life paths, involving differentiated age groups.

  • Progetto lavoro (Project Occupation), promoted by ANGSA Lombardia onlus, with a contribution from Barclays Bank and the cooperation of Coop. Soc. Cascina Bianca and Milan Municipality. Several preparatory meetings were held, partly to define the size of contributions. The Project took off, as anticipated, on 1st October, with 14 guests, some of whom are from outside Milan.

  • 18 September: We met with the Association La Comune, with a view to launching a project for communal living, “La casa comune”. As a first experiment, there is one guest.

  • We held meetings relating to the Project “Oltre noi, dopo di noi” (Beyond us, after us), in cooperation with Coop. Duepuntiacapo in Paderno Dugnano. The Project is designed to encourage leisure time activities, sports, holidays, weekends and independent living outside families.

Cooperation with several agencies and organizations

Ø (National) ANGSA onlus. The website is managed in relation to its meetings and consultancies.

Ø LEDHA, for the coordination of meetings and consultancies.

Ø Ambulatorio Polispecialistico Domino and Coop. Soc. Fabula onlus, towards the promotion of projects.

Ø Dott.ssa Daniela Baldi, in relation to A.B.A.   training for health professionals and parents.

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Main events of the year:


  • In-service Training Program for health professionals and parents continued to be delivered with the cooperation of Milan Province. The promoters were ANGSA Lombardia onlus and Gruppo Asperger.

Initiatives and projects


  • 11 February: A letter was sent by the Coordinamento delle Organizzazioni per autismo della Lombardia (Coordinating Agency for Autism in Lombardy), in reply to audio-visual material offered by the Region in the course of a meeting on 30 October 2014.

  • 20 February: a booklet by ANGSA Lombardia onlus on “Schoolchildren with Autism: what should a teacher know?” edited by dott.ssa Paola Golzi, was sent to dott.ssa Laura Stampini, Regional Education Office, with a view to holding meetings with teachers in Lombardy schools.

  • 18 March: Autism conference with the assistance of Milan Municipality to fine-tune targets towards the promotion of more flexible and more efficient services relating to Autism.

  • 20 March: Meeting with the Coordinamento delle Organizzazioni per l’autismo in Lombardia to lock in future strategies.

  • 31 March: first of a series of meetings at Fondazione Cariplo in relation to Project CREW, jointly promoted by ANGSA Lombardia onlus.

  • 2 April: ANGSA Lombardia onlus organized the 8th World Day of Autism Awareness at the Barclays Teatro Nazionale in Milan, with the helpful assistance of Barclays and with the cooperation of Coop. Soc. Cascina Bianca and Milan Municipality   -  on the final evening a concert was held by the AllegroModerato Symphony Orchestra. For a video recording, check

  •  23 April: Autism Conference with the assistance of Milan Municipality. The focus was on the needs of people with Autism in relation to services. A seminar on the Manual DSM-V was held.

  •  19 May: a meeting was held with the Associazione Amici del Campus Bio-Medico to establish some mutual goals, i.e. fund-raising and rolling out a course for Autism volunteers.

  •  26 May: we attended a fund-raising dinner held by the Associazione Amici del Campus Bio-Medico.

  •  30 May: we attended a round table in Bergamo on Autism legislation which is currently proceeding through Parliament.

  •  10 June: we met with dott. Emilio Rota, President of ANFFAS Lombardia, with a view to coordinating our goals.

  •  16 June: Autism conference with the assistance of Milan Municipality. A proposal was put forward, to train Autism professionals and to supervise outcomes in accredited Centers, with an emphasis on good practices.

  •  17 June: final meeting to assess the Barclays Work Project.

  •  18 June: we attended a fund-raising Inner Wheel evening at St Mark’s Church in Milan.

  •  16 July:   Autism conference with the assistance of Milan Municipality: how to define the  Project for Life (Progetto di Vita) and a competition on joint planning for Autism, “Rete Autismo”.

  •  23 September: we attended a meeting with ANFFAS, chaired by Prof. Luigi Croce, on the Individual Life Project.

  •  26 September: we met with the representatives of the Cooperativa Amicizia di Codogno and visited the Care Home for persons with Autism.

  •  29 September: Project “Working Together” for people with Autism and Mums, affiliated to the Fondazione Asilo Mariuccia. We bid for a Milan Municipality/Coop. Soc. Cascina Bianca tender to obtain an area in Via S. Maurilio 8, with a view to rolling out the production of fresh pasta and other products: mosaics, candy boxes, ceramics etc.

  •  1 October: Autism conference at Milan Municipality. Updating the impolementation of DGR (Decree of Regional Government) 392 by a representative of the Milan ASL (Local Health Authority). Updating the definition of the Autism tender.

  •  2 October: we met with representatives of Autism associations to flag a bid for the Milan Municipality Autism tender.

  •  29 October: we met with dott.ssa Veronica Colombo and journalist Paola Molteni to flag an Autism training course.

  •  30 October: we attended a meeting with families held by the Centro Riabilitativo (Rehabilitation facility) Fondazione Piatti to report on the rights of people with Autism.

  •  5 November: we attended a meeting in Lodi and reported on the Association’s activities and our expectations for Project 392 “Case Manager”.

  •  10 November: we attended the opening of the facilities in Via Sant’Elembardo 4, provided by Milan Municipality to assist the activities of a number of associations, including those dedicated to Autism.

  •  18 November: we met with dott.ssa Rita Garlaschelli, Regional Education Office, to flag an Autism training course for school staff.

  •  27 November: we attended the launch of Project “More than respite” (Non solo sollievo) by the Coop. Soc. Duepuntiacapo of Paderno Dugnano.

  •  30 November: we attended a meeting at the Centro Riabilitativo Fondazione Piatti, with a focus on families, also attended by Prof. Luigi Croce and relating to Project for Life.

  •  1 December:  we met with dott.ssa Garlaschelli, Regional Education Office, as well as Prof. Anna Rezzani and dott.ssa Paola Golzi, to outline an Autism training course for school staff.

  •  From 5 to 13 December: we participated in the Artigiano in Fiera Show by means of a stand kindly offered by Gestione Fiere spa, which included the exhibition of products made by people with Autism during the Barclays training program (this initiative is described on our site

  •  15 December:  we met with representatives of the Regional Council to urgently seek responses from President Maroni to numerous requests sent by ANGSA Lombardia, on behalf of the Coordinating Committee of Autism Agencies, which have so far not been met.  In particular, we have requested the implementation of the national legislation on Autism which was enacted on 18 August 2015. Funds have been made available towards its implementation through subsequent legislative measures.


  • Progetto di Vita (Project for life): this was promoted through Milan Municipality’s Autism conference, which provides for adequate measures for each age group (Regional Government Decree DGR 392).  

  • “Ecological Matrix”, promoted in conjunction with Milan Municipality and Lombardy Region, in accordance with the Quality of Life criteria of the UN Convention, and with the cooperation of Prof. Luigi Croce.

  • The following are ongoing:

    • Progetto lavoro promoted by ANGSA Lombardia onlus, with a contribution from Barclays Bank and with the cooperation of Coop. Soc. Cascina Bianca and Milan Municipality.

    • Project “Casa comune” (Shared Home), with the Associazione La Comune di Milano and Fondazione Cariplo.

  • Rolling out Project “Non solo sollievo” (More than respite), in cooperation with Coop. Soc. Duepuntiacapo of Paderno Dugnano,  relating to leisure time activities, sport, holidays, weekends and personal autonomy.

  • Project for independent accommodation, in cooperation  with Coop. Soc. Cascina Bianca and Coop. Soc. Duepuntiacapo.

Cooperation with other agencies and organizations:

  • Lombardy region;

  • Regional Education Office;

  • Milan Municipality;

  • National ANGSA onlus;

  • Autisme Europe;

  • LEDHA, in relation to several meetings and consultancies;

  • Ambulatorio Polispecialistico Domino and Coop. Soc. Fabula onlus, towards the promotion of projects;

  • Coop. Soc. Cascina Bianca;

  • Dott.ssa Daniela Baldi, towards an A.B.A. training program for health professionals and parents;

  • Inner Wheel;

  • Supporting and  joining other agencies and initiatives.

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Main events of the year:


  • Autism Round Table hosted by Milan Municipality:  ANGSA Lombardia attended a number of meetings in relation to the tender for RETE AUTISMO. At a press conference on 29 November, Project Autismo e Qualità della Vita (Autism and Quality of Life) was presented. The project is articulated across three major areas: Information/portal on Autism, Orientation and awareness raising, Innovation: work placement. Specifically, in the area of “Innovation: work placement”, a new experimental scheme named BOOKBOX was rolled out, with a view to the promotion of work placements for people with Autism. The scheme involves the creation of small mobile libraries managed by persons with Autism spectrum disorders. This project is already under way in other cities, such as Florence and Piacenza.  At the same time, a campaign styled Dona un libro (Gift a book) was rolled out, aiming to enrich libraries.

  • Lombardy Region: we repeatedly requested a meeting with President Roberto Maroni on 2 March, during which we submitted a PRESS RELEASE issued in reference to IX WORLD AUTISM AWARENESS DAY (2 April), outlining the concerns reported by other Autism Agencies in Lombardy. Project I CARE – Fondazione Sospiro was also presented, as a template for Lombardy. During the same meeting, the organization of Awareness Day was also discussed, involving the use of Auditorium G. Gaber (Pirellone) for the whole day.


 This is how the Day  panned out:

  • Morning: A meeting was held with the participation of Roberto Maroni, President of Lombardy Region, and representatives of regional and municipal authorities;

  • Afternoon: a number of videos were screened, portraying the life patterns of people with Autism;

  • Evening: a Gospel concert was held with the choir CoroIncontroTempo, introduced by a.

  • Regional Council of Lombardy: a meeting was held with Councillor Angelo Capelli, with a view to raising concerns on issues relating to Autism and the many requests still awaiting resolution.

  • Regional Law 29.6.2016, No. 15 (Development of Lombardy’s Public Health Network): following several reminders, including a letter to President Maroni on 30 May 2016, Articles V and VIII of the previous Regional Law 30.12.2009 No. 33 were revised (the Law contains all provisions relating to public health). The new text includes a section, AUTISM, which comprises all requests submitted in relation to Autism-related concerns.


  • Work-related Barclays-Cascina Bianca Project “Continua ad imparare” (Carry on learning): activities include the production of mosaics for sale and fresh pasta, partly with the aid of machinery.

  • Project “Non solo sollievo” (Beyond Respite) by Coop. Duepuntiacapo in Paderno Dugnano: the project was continued with the provision of weekends and holidays.

  • Project “Casa Comune”: experiments with self-management away from family are continuing.

  • RETE Lombardia per l’autismo (Network Lombardy for Autism): this was set up on 21 July and includes a number of Autism-related agencies in Lombardy, with a view to further pursuing the substantial activities carried out since 2013 in collaboration with regional representatives, so as not to compromise the outcomes so far achieved with some effort. On 28 July, Rete Lombardia agencies wrote to President Maroni to remind him of commitments undertaken during earlier meetings, and specifically on 2 April in Auditorium G. Gaber.

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Main events of the year:


  • ABA training course, in cooperation with Dr Daniela Baldi.


  • Continuing the activities of RETE Lombardia per l'autismo (Lombardy Network for Autism) with the regional authorities, with a view to implementing the National Autism legislation of 18 August 2015 and Regional legislation of 29 June 2016, including attendance at a round table on Autism.

  • Several meetings of the ADULTI CON AUTISMO round table with the representatives of National ANGSA, Regional ANGSA and health professionals and technicians, with a view to drafting a paper relating to the Guidelines for Adults with Autism, to be delivered to the Government.

  • Continuing to meet at Tavolo Autismo with Milan Municipality, in order to define the joint project "Autismo in rete" ("Autism on line"). The Project Case Manager (DGR 392) was adjourned.

  • 2 April World Day: a concert took place of the Verdi Orchestra. Free entry for ANGSA Lombardia members and representatives of public utilities. At the end of the concert, information literature on Autism were distributed.

  • We accepted an invitation from Lombardy Region to an Autism workshop on 3 April. On 4 April, questions on behalf of ANGSA Lombardia were addressed to the Regional Council.

  • We attended a meeting on "People with Autism: new initiatives to improve their quality of life" in Corsico on 25 May, on issues relating to adults with Autism.

  • Autism and Quality of Life: further meetings took place relating to a project by Milan Municipality, consisting of three main sections: <<Info/Portal Autism. Orientation and awareness. Innovation: occupation and work.


  • Autism and Quality of Life: further meetings took place relating to a project by Milan Municipality, consisting of three main sections: <<Info/Portal Autism. Orientation and awareness. Innovation: occupation and work.

  • Progetto lavoro (Project Work), promoted by ANGSA Lombardia onlus, with the cooperation of Barclays and the Coop. Soc. Cascina Bianca, came to an end in June 2017, as per its original timeline drafted in 2014. There are no plans for its continuation.

  • Progetto <<Non solo sollievo (<<Project "Beyond Respite"), in cooperation with ANGSA Lombardia onlus, Coop. Soc. Duepuntiacapo at Paderno Dugnano and Fondazione Nord Milano, relating to leisure time activities, sport, holidays, weekends and personal self-sufficiency. This experiment came to a close with the year.

  • Progetto <<Casa comune (Project "Communal Home") by the Associazione La Comune di Milano and Fondazione Cariplo, in cooperation with Angsa Lombardia onlus, and publicity for the prototype.

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Main events of the year:


  • Training course ABA in cooperation with Dr Daniela Baldi.

  • Participation in training program "School & Autism" run by Coop.Soc. Fabula onlus.


  • On May 12 and October 20, we met with the Committee UNITI PER L'AUTISMO with a view to flagging and assessing joint programs.

  • We participated in the following Regional Meetings with the Committee UNITI PER L'AUTISMO:

  • On May 23 with the Department of Health

  • On October 8 with the Department of Health

  • On November 5 with the Department of Health

  • On June 5, we met with the President of Lombardy Region.

  • On July 14, National ANGSA met on our premises to clarify the reform of "III Settore".

  • On September 20, we met with Ledha and the Committee UNITI PER L'AUTISMO.

  • On September 25, we met with delegates from the Regional Assembly to deal with issues relating to Autism.

  • On October 31, we met with Councillor Majorino and the Committee UNITI PER L'AUTISMO.

  • On November 14, a meeting was held at the Milan Municipality to define the joint project "Autism in rete". We rolled out current issues relating to Autism and introduced the Committee UNITI PER L'AUTISMO.


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Main events of the year:


  • 19 January:  "A Saturday with the family", a meeting between families and Dr Marilena Zacchini.

  • 18 May in Cantù: we attended a conference of the Associazione Abilitiamo.

  • 27 November: workshop on Autism in the Palazzo Reale in Milan, in conjunction with UNITI PER L’AUTISMO.

  • A training course named Scuola e Autismo (School and Autism), in conjunction with the Cooperative Society Fabula.

  • An ABA training course, in cooperation with Dr Daniela Baldi


  • Calendar of Tavoli Regionali (Regional Meetings) together with the Committee UNITI PER L’AUTISMO:

  • 16 January with the Department of Health, on training

  • 21 January with the Department of Health

  • 31 January with the Department for Social Policy

  • 11 February a.m., with the Department of Health

  • 11 February p.m. with the Department of Health, on training

  • 11 February p.m. with the Office for Social Policy, on the National Fund for non-self sufficient subjects

  • 21 February with Commissioner for Health Giulio Gallera

  • 26 February a.m.  with the Department for Social Policy

  • 26 February p.m. joint meeting with the Department for Social Policy and Department of Health, on the setting-up of a Technical Team for Advanced Research (GTA).

  • 27 February: consultation with 3rd Health Committee of the Regional Council

  • 19 March: with representatives of the Milan Municipality’s Department of Social Policy, with a view to running Autism workshops, together with the Committee UNITI PER L’AUTISMO.

  • 1 April: we attended a press conference convened by the Presidency of the Lombardy Region in the presence of some Councillors.

  • 19 April with Councillor Majorino, on a proposal for innovative projects.        

  • 16 November: meeting of Uniti per l’Autismo in the Angsa Lombardia offices, with a view to updating the Lombard organizations in attendance.

  • 22 November: Project BookBox, outlined in the ANGSA Lombardia Offices with reference to diverse outcomes within Italy.

  • 3 December with the Regional Councillor for Education and Job Training, Melania Rizzoli.

  • 11 December with Uniti per l’Autismo and the Regional Department of Health on an operational plan for Autism.

  • 18 December with Uniti per l’Autismo and the Regional Department for Social Policy updating B1 grants.


  • We joined the Sports Project of the Association La Comune in Milan, and the Fondazione Cariplo.

  • Projects on work, free time, housing self-sufficiency and  relevant professional training: these will need to be reviewed with the assistance of new financial partnerships.

  • Project “Casa comune” by the Association La Comune, Milan, and Fondazione Cariplo, in cooperation with ANGSA Lombardia towards a publicization of the initiative.

  • Competition "Autism", in conjunction with RETE Lombardia per l’autismo (Lombardy Network for Autism).

  • We endeavored to boost and strengthen RETE Lombardia per l’autismo.

  • 16 December: we rolled out the Project "NIO in Wonderland" through the purchase of books on Autism awareness in schools.


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Main events of the year:


Our Association continued to operate, notwithstanding the Covid-19-related restrictions, partly in cooperation with the Committee ated restrictions, partly in cooperation with the Committee UNITI PER L'AUTISMO, WITH A VIEW TO IMPLEMENTING Regional Law 15 of 29.06.2016, which was secured by ANGSA Lombardia with the support of RETE Lombardia per l'autismo.

Notwithstanding a reduction in human resources and the Covid crisis, the following activities have been steadily kept going:

  • listening to families, advising them how to achieve positive outcomes.

  • administrative, accounting, legal and fiscal management. In particular, we completed the procedure for an updating of our Statute in line with the changes in III Settore. We are now awaiting the official rolling out of RUNTS for the implementation of the new norms, one of which is the new title of our Association: ANGSA LOMBARDIA APS. This will entail a significant increase in our work.

On 2 April, we sent letters to the Region and to the Milan Municipality in order to draw their attention to the rights of people with Autism, which are still being overlooked. In the same breath, we made it clear that the breakout of the coronavirus pandemic prevented the completion of the planned event.

On 25 October ANGSA Lombardia screened a significant motion picture, "The special - Out of the ordinary", at the Cinema Anteo in Milan. The film focuses on the world of Autism. On this occasion, we rolled out a robot which will be used in the Robot Lab Project and "Nio nel paese delle meraviglie" (Nio in Wonderland), a book devised to explain in simple terms autistic spectrum disorders.


  • A training course on Autism and school, with Coop. Soc. Fabula.

  • An ABA training course in cooperation with Dr Daniela Baldi.

  • On 27 October: an inclusive webinar on tourism, "From accessibility to inclusivity, via Hospitality".

  • On 12 December: a webinar with Dr Cristina Panisi "The state of health of people with Autism. What is important to know for a better lifestyle". Councillor for Disability Alessandra Locatelli and Dr Paola Sacchi from Direzione Welfare, Lombardy Region were also present.


  • On 16 January: with Regione Sanità Technical Upgrade Group GAT, on the operational plan for Autism.

  • On 29 January: with Regione Sanità Technical Upgrade Group GAT, on the operational plan for Autism.

  • On 6 February: with Regione Politiche Sociali (regional social programs), with a view to updating FNA and assessing B1.

  • On 12 February: with Regione Sanità Technical Upgrade Group GAT, on the operational plan for Autism.

  • On 12 February: contribution by the President of ANGSA Lombardia during a meeting of the Regional Council, concerning the Public Health plan.

  • On 18 February: with Regione Sanità Technical Upgrade Group GAT, on the operational plan for Autism. Final session.

  • On 29 June: with Councillor Bolognini with a view to establishing Autism-related programs and highlighting the volume of social activities, also with a view to competing for support of local programs run by Lombardy Region. The notice of competition was published on 30 July and the outcome will be made known next October.

  • From 24 November to 16 December: a series of meetings with Foundation IDEA VITA in relation to Dopo di Noi (After Us) - Law 112.


  • Project "Laboratorio Robotica Inclusiva": the tender by Lombardy Region was awarded (application No. 2290395. - prot. U1.2020.0012363 of 30.07.2020). Implementation of the project is being rolled out.

  • Sports Project of the Foundation La Comune di Milano and Fondazione Cariplo, for which a contribution of 5,000 euros by ANGSA Lombardia has been flagged, is in abeyance due to the Covid pandemic.

  • Project "Casa comune" of the Foundation La Comune di Milano and

  • Fondazione Cariplo, in cooperation with ANGSA Lombardia onlus, and publicity about the model.

  • Project for the inclusion of work, leisure time, residential independence and appropriate professional training is being rolled out. Specifically, we need to find partners and financial resources.


  • A number of meetings with national ANGSA, Ledha.

  • Cooperation with Gruppo Mutuo Aiuto with a view to consultancies and support for families

  • Contributions to Projects

  • Associazione Diesis

  • Spazio Aperto Servizi

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  • Additional meetings were held with the Technical Advancement Group (GAT) of Lombardy  Region, with a view to defining the Regional Operational Plan for Autism. The objective was the implementation of Regional Act of 29 June 2016, No. 15, which was achieved by ANGSA Lombardia onlus together with RETE Lombardia per l'autismo.

  • Due to the persistence of the covid pandemic, we continued with difficulty to operate in regard to

    • consultancies with and advice to families;

    • administrative, accounting, legal and fiscal management. We complied with the delivery of our Statute to Lombardy Region, as per the reform of Sector III, yet, at the end of 2021, we are still awaiting the direct migration to the newly-established RUNT (Unified National Register of Sector III). Hence, the Association's activities were carried out under the old acronym ONLUS, instead of its new title ANGSA LOMBARDIA ETS-APS.. This proved somewhat inconvenient with regard to our external relations.

  • 14 January: webinar "COVID-19 within the autistic spectrum, what can we learn from the pandemic?"

  • 22 January: we sent letters to Councillors Letizia Moratti (Welfare) and Alessandra Locatelli (Disabilities) of Lombardy Region, to request a meeting for the purpose of urging the implementation of the regional Act on Autism.

  • 30 January: webinar "Autism: from diagnosis to causes, through genetics".

  • 2 Åpril:

    • meeting of Tavola Rotonda (Round Table) called by the Department of Disabilities "An opportunity for meeting and discussions with families".

    • creation and distribution, together with "Fondazione: Un futuro per l'Asperger" of a video including 13 showbiz celebrities. On this occasion, ANGSA was able to ensure a lighting-up in blue of the Pirelli skyscraper.

  • 25 June: participation in 17th European Congress of ABA, organized by AARBA.

  • 1 October: we rented an agribusiness, Borgo Valverde (Pavia), to allow experiments with independent living and opportunities for work practice.

  • 7 November: event at Cinema Gloria: showing of movie "Quanto basta" ("As needed"), and collection to the benefit of the project "Inclusive robotic laboratory".

  • 7 December: Certificate of Merit "Ambrogino d'oro" from the Milan Municipality.

  • Training course on Autism and School "Different, not inferior", with the Cooperative Society Fabula.

  • Training course ABA, in cooperation with Dr Daniela Baldi.


  • on 7 January, with Regional Minister Stefano Bolognini, to plan April 2 event and illustration of Inclusion Project. The takeover by the new Ministers was flagged.

  • 13 January, with Fondazione Idea Vita on Project After Us - Act 112, with the presence of Mayor GIuseppe Sala and the Councillor for Social Programs, Gabriele Rabaiotti of Milan Municipality

  • 5 February, 10 March, 14 April with the Department for Disabilities on FNA (National Fund for Self-sufficiency)

  • 9 February with the Councillor for Disabilities, Alessandra Locatelli

  • 22-25 February, preparatory meetings with the Uniti per l'Autismo Committee on the grant of contributions towards the operating plan for Autism

  • 26 February, 10 March, 25 March, 23 April, 17 May, 21 June, 1 July, 4 August, 18 October, 25 October, 15 December with GAT (Group for Technical Development) on Regional Operational Plan Autism, subsequently approved on 25 October 2021 (Regional Act 5415).

  • 3 March with Achille Lanzarini, CEO of the Ca' Granda Foundation, on a project to include all age groups for the purpose of finding opportunities for people with Autism.

  • 8 May: contribution by ANGSA Lombardia to the webinar offered by Fondazione Un futuro per l'Asperger.

  • 9 June: online meeting with Rete Lombardia per l'autismo to flag event with Lombardy Region, with a view to coordinating strategies and projects.

  • 10 September: online meeting with the Sondrio Carabinieri for the purpose of cooperating on Project Autism.

  • 17 September: with Fr Virgilio Colmegna on illustration by Associazione SON  -   Cooperative living.

  • 10 November: we confirmed our participation in the national Project "Pathways of Italy  -  Blue Courier for Autism", with the cooperation of member Angela Argentieri.

  • 9 December: online meeting with Fr Virgilio Colmegna, to flag a training course for operatives, towards Project "After us".

  • Multiple meetings with Ledha, including general meetings

  • Multiple meetings with Committee "United for Autism".


  • Project Inclusive Robotic Laboratory: the winner is the tender of Lombardy Region (application 2290395 - prot. U1.2020.0012363 del 30/07/2020). Its implementation is in progress, starting in November under the supervision of Councillor Andrea Buragina.

  • Sports project of the Fondazione La Comune di Milano and Fondazione Cariplo. For this project a 5,000 euro contribution by ANGSA Lombaridia has been flagged, half of which has been frozen due to the covid epidemic.

  • We supported the Project for social inclusion "Stazione di Lambrate. -  Reinventing Cities".

  • Project "Casa comune" (Shared Home) of the Fondazione La Comune di Milano and Fondazione Cariplo, in cooperation with ANGSA Lombardia onlus, and dissemination of the model.

  • We supported the Project for Minors of the Prime Minister's Office, Department for Family Policies, together with the Foundations La Comune and Istituto Sacra Famiglia.

  • We joined the Project "Formidabili. -  LeRoy Merlin", which promotes employment taking all aspects into account.


  • Multiple meetings with national ANGSA,Ledha.

  • Cooperation with Gruppo Mutuo Aiuto (Mutual Help Group) on consultancies and assistance to families.

  • We associated ourselves to the following projects:

  • Associazione Diesis

  • Fondazione Gattinoni

  • Fondazione La Comune

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                                                                               There was a significant increase in inquiries, consultancies and advice to families, including during holidays and evening times. All these were carried out remotely, while many inquiries reached us through the "Blue Telephone" of National ANGSA.

The year 2022 also passed without any news on the flagged transfer from regional Registers to RUNTS. In effect, this was done on 8 September 2022 via an email to ANGSA Lombardia dated end-of-September. In the meantime, the deadlines for the registration of the 5 per mil went by, therefore we will be able to register as from 2023, with the assistance of an authorized tax agent. The new name of our Association, hitherto known as ANGSA LOMBARDIA ONLUS, will be ANGSA LOMBARDIA ETS-APS, as prescribed by the current Statute.

  • 22 January: we visited Association Abilitiamo's Cascina Cristina in Cantù, whose  restructuring has now been completed. Associazione Abilitiamo belongs to Rete Lombardia per l'autismo. A promotional movie about Abilitiamo was screened at 9 p.m.

A document styled "Il corpo sotto comportamento" (Body and behavior) on biomedical research on Autism was sent to Lombardy Region's  Gruppo di Approfondimento Tecnico (Technical Analysis Group). A copy was also sent to Rete Lombardia per l'autismo.

  • There were further meetings of the Gruppo di Approfondimento Tecnico GAT Regione Lombardia aimed at monitoring the implementation of the regional Operating Plan on the following dates: 26 January, 25 February, 10 March, 2 May, 6 June, 6 July, 7 September, 5 october, 7 November.

  • 14 February: a meeting with Fondazione Un Futuro per l'Asperger, in memory of Dr Lucio Moderato, with the participation of representatives of governmental, regional and municipal authorities from Milan.

  • We attended the inaugural ceremony for Progetto Autacademy in a hall of the Villa Reale in Monza, with the participation of governmental, regional and municipal authorities.    

  • 21 February: we attended a press conference held by the Ministry for Disabilities and Alderwoman Alessandra Locatelli.

  • 25 February: we met with Alderwoman Alessandra Locatelli in order to flag:

    • an event during World Autism Awareness Day, to involve the branches of Rete Lombardia per l'autismo, thru the production of videos describing our Projects.  

    • our participation in the STAFFETTA BLU PER L'AUTISMO (Blue Relay for Autism), within the framework of the national program initiated by ANGSA, and  a request for sponsoring.            

  • 19 March, 4 and 19 May, 13 July: we inspected the Via Rucellai 36 building in order to check out the space allocated to us for our offices, due to restructuring. During the inspection, we discovered that all office furniture, filing cabinets and their contents were missing and could not be retrieved.

  • 1 April: roll-out of World Autism Awareness Day  with  Alderwoman Alessandra Locatelli. There were screenings of video clips on projects for Autism by various organizations.

  • 2 April: a meeting took place during which representatives of Lombardy Region and the Group for Technical Analysis rolled out an Operating Program for Autism.

  • 23 April: we attended the national assembly.

  • 23 May: roll-out of planning  with a view to the event of 9 July, "Staffetta Blu per l'autismo".        

  • June:   the inclusive project  Robotic Workshop was completed. Tutorials were given by Councillor Buragina.        

  • 1 June: there was a meeting to discuss joining Progetto MINA as a preparation for work.

  • 7 June: We met with the Mayor of Vercana to finalize the 9 July event and the delivery of publicity material.

  • 9 July: "Staffetta Blu per l'autismo" at Vercana (Como), attended by regional and municipal authorities, with the support of CAI volunteers, Alpini troops, Civil Defence, Carabinieri, Alpine communities, the municipal band and young boys and girls from the associations Abilitiamo and Diesis.

  • 23 September: a meeting was held on the work project MINA to define a program for networking.

  • 9 October: inauguration of the Casa per il dopo di noi (Home for the After us) at Ripalta Cremasca, attended by local authorities and volunteers.

  • 20 October: we met with ATM about an initiative in favor of ANGSA Lombardia.

  • 16 November: we met with LEDHA to highlight the various situations arising from Autism, and draw up a joint strategy vis-à-vis public authorities.

  • 30 November: Round table FNA (National Self-sufficiency Fund) with Alderwoman Elena Lucchini.

  • 1-11 December: concerts "SOUND UNDERGROUND" at train stations MM Garibaldi and Loreto, proceeds to ANGSA Lombardia.

  • 2-3 December: ANGSA Lombardia and SEF sponsored an event named "The first years of life -  beyond the classifications of neuro-evolutionary disorders", at Hotel Concorde, viale Monza 132.

  • 14 December: we met with Regional GAT.

  • 16 December: inauguration of Cascina Cristina in Cantù.


  • We had several meetings with National ANGSA, Ledha.

  • We cooperated with

    • Gruppo Mutuo Aiuto per consulenze e orientamento per le famiglie

    • Associazione Diesis

    • Fondazione La Comune

    • Associazione Abilitiamo

    • Associazione Voglio la Luna

    • Comitato Uniti per l'Autismo

    • Fondazione un Futuro per l'Asperger

    • Cooperativa BES

    • Associazione Il Vivaio.

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