National Association of Parents of Autistic People
- Lombardy Branch -
a non-profit-making organization


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History of ANGSA Lombardia

The needs of autistic people and their families
Official statement drawn up by the steering committee of AUTISME EUROPE following consultation of its members.
Approved by the Board of Directors in Brussels, 7 April 2001

ANGSA onlus - Associazione Nazionale Genitori Soggetti Autistici affiliated to INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION AUTISM EUROPE is fighting to give hope and a dignified future to people with autism by:

  • supporting their families

  • providing accurate information

  • promoting scientific research and professional treatments.

ANGSA is structured as follows throughout Italy

  • central office

  • main regional branches

  • local branches.

Main regional and local branches are autonomous in regard to their organization, management and finances.

The activities of ANGSA Lombardia onlus:

  • support and information to families through regular meetings

  • collaboration with the public agencies responsible for

  • treatment

  • education

  • support of autistic individuals (regional, provincial and municipal authorities, ASLs [local health service offices], local education authorities)

  • organization of seminars, conventions and training and refresher courses

  • participation in initiatives and participation in initiatives and projects, in partnership with European associations, with a view to placing autistic individuals in the workplace

  • exchange visits with other European associations

  • provision of information via the media.


  • Ordinary, close relatives up to the second linear degree, and fourth lateral degree of kinship, and guardians.

  • Associate 'supporting', those who voluntarily join the Association and provide financial support.

  • Honorary, these are appointed by steering committee and are exempted from any payment of membership fees.


Updated on 2/9/2012


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